Celeb Weight Loss: Inspiring Success Stories

Losing weight is not easy as it requires a tremendous amount of hard work. Even more for celebrities who are consistently exposed to the spotlight. They find that it’s much more important to stay in good shape, especially for their careers. Everyone wants to lose weight, but how?

Normal people, even celebrities, put on a few extra pounds, which is why they spend more time and money on personal trainers, private gyms, diet plans custom-built by their nutritionists, or weight-loss surgeries. Losing weight is doable especially with the right help. Check out these success stories to know more!


American reality show actress “Mama June” June Shannon became popular in the children’s beauty pageant life reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and then hosted the reality show “From Not to Hot”. From a heavyweight body to a beautiful mother, and even make a new boyfriend Let’s all give Mama June credit for her amazing weight loss! She didn’t need to rely on surgeries alone. Instead, she put in a lot of hard work.

Her amazing weight-loss journey could not have been successful if it weren’t for the emotional support from her little daughters. In 2016, Mama June had a gastric sleeve surgery. She began to lose weight gradually after that. However, her personal trainer had to step in at some point because she stopped losing weight. She also had excess skin removed from her stomach. Her efforts and hard work paid off as she is now a size 4! This helps her lose part of her weight and maintain her initial weight loss.