Popular ‘90s Celebs We Still Love Today


Lucy Lawless was born in Mont Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. Lucy first appeared in a musical when she was ten years old and began acting when she was in high school. Lucy Lawless studied foreign languages including German, Italian and French at the University of Auckland for one year, and then studied opera for three years. After knowing that opera would change her lifestyle, she decided to become a singer and began to learn violin and jazz.

Lucy Lawless deserves credit for playing the dauntless fighter Xena in the Xena: Warrior Princess fantasy TV franchise so flawlessly that no other actress could have done it any better. Her trademark battle cry and one-of-a-kind Amazon-style wardrobe found their place in the heart, mind, and history of pop culture for even the most casual of viewers out there. She may always be Xena to many of us who grew up watching her, but Lawless has since earned more TV credits after the show’s finale. She had appeared in shows like Spartacus, Parks and Recreation, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.