Elizabeth Berkley’s most popular TV credit goes to his performance on the beloved sitcom Saved By The Bell as the brainy Jessie Spano who went on to pursue her degree at Columbia University. Prior to this groundbreaking role, the Michigan-born actress had already earned TV credits on other projects including the made-for-TV movie Frog. The Berkley we see around nowadays may not be as adorable as she had once been back in the ‘90s, but she continues to work in the entertainment industry.

She earned her most recent TV credit on the Fox sitcom New Girl which had already ended back in 2018. On November 1, 2003, Berkeley married artist and actor Greg Lauren at the Esperanza Hotel in Cabo San Lucas. Berkley officially changed her name to Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, but she still uses her maiden name professionally. On March 5, 2012, Berkeley announced that it hopes to give birth to its first child in the summer. In July of that year, she gave birth to a son.